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Market Profile, Price Action & Options Intraday Quantitative Trading


₹ 14,999


3 Months

About the Course

Are you tired of trading indicators that give a signal after the completion of a significant move??? 😕
Are you confused with options buying and writing??? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Don’t Worry, I have got you 😎

After interacted with many professional and budding traders I have realized that flawless execution and a clear rule-based approach is what the long term solution for trading success. If you are struggling with being profitable in the intraday trading adventure, then this course is the solution for you.

This course teaches you the price action trading, market profile and options rule-based or quant trading techniques which will help you to objectify the dynamic environment of day trading. It also covers various strategies that can be formed using these methods with time tested proofs. This course also discusses the topic of options trading for intraday and gives a clarity on how to handle options systematically.

Not just this, in the last section this course discusses the crucial and practical Risk and money management methods which will help you to protect the capital and parallelly outperform the expectations. The robust compounding methods help you raise trading capital with a clear plan and controlled drawdowns.

I am also certain this is the first course in this class that speaks about the objectified framework of price action and market profile concepts.

Your Instructor

Nataraj Malavade

Full-Time Quant Trader 👨‍💻 who believes impeccable execution is the holy grail of trading😎 Trades in Index Options 🤑 Passionate Author, Blogger & Mentor 😊

Nataraj Malavade
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