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I am a rule-based intraday and a passionate trainer trying to help budding traders to find their trading edge. Trained over 500+ traders in online and classroom programs. I believe a disciplined mindset and impeccable execution are the holy grail of trading.

I have been actively investing and trading in Indian markets since 2013. I use price action, market profile and options delta neutral concepts to analyze and opt for my intraday and swing trades.

I have published my book MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING, which talks about how to succeed in day trading by adopting rule-based techniques of market profile, price action and money management.

Apart from trading and training, I also write blogs and actively answer the questions on trading and investing in my Quora profile.


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MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING explains the rule-based ideas of market profile, price action, and various money management topics, especially for intraday trading. How to make Money with breakout trading is a part of price action lesson that discusses how to Make Money with trading the candlestick charts and trading the price action trends.

Coin Tossing Trading Strategy That works...

We, Humans, are good at making simple things complex. Trading is not parted. Most of the traders think that they have to include many filters and complex things in the trading strategy to be profitable. But the fact is SIMPLE THINGS WORKS IN TRADING. Long ago I used to be a complete discretion-based trader. I used to always listen to the example of a coin toss when it comes to risk management classes and other training programs related to trading. One fine day I got this crazy idea that "Why can't we create rules around flipping the coin and test it out?". I jumped into the idea and started testing it with a help of my first mentee who was also equally excited about this idea. To our surprise, the strategy did work! That moment turned the table and I realized the potential of the data and probabilistic nature of the markets. From there on I converted my all systems to rule-based concepts and today all my trades are 100% algo based.

I am presently working on my next book (You can read my present book MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING using this link: . I thought of including this idea so that it can help budding traders to realize the power of rule-based concepts. However, I wasn't sure as I did it a few years ago. Today I did it again by flipping the coin and the results were astounding. A crazy thought (A thought that turned me into a complete rule-based trader) turned out to be profitable in #BANKNIFTY in recent days as well.

Here are the strategy details:

Randomly tossed the coin and considered HEAD as BUY/LONG Trade and TAIL as SHORT. Fixed SL of 1% from entry. Enter the trade at 10:15 AM. Either the SL trigger or EOD square-off is Exit condition.


I am not asking you to implement this. But it just shows you that Even "Coin Tossing" do work in the Market. All it takes is a solid mindset to be disciplined. And of course, strict risk and money management plans.

Moral: Have simple trading rules and EXECUTE with discipline.

I hope this article helped you. Kindly consider liking it and share it with your trading friends.

Happy Trading 😎

Wishing you most and more,

Nataraj Malavade

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