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I am a rule-based intraday and a passionate trainer trying to help budding traders to find their trading edge. Trained over 500+ traders in online and classroom programs. I believe a disciplined mindset and impeccable execution are the holy grail of trading.

I have been actively investing and trading in Indian markets since 2013. I use price action, market profile and options delta neutral concepts to analyze and opt for my intraday and swing trades.

I have published my book MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING, which talks about how to succeed in day trading by adopting rule-based techniques of market profile, price action and money management.

Apart from trading and training, I also write blogs and actively answer the questions on trading and investing in my Quora profile.


Marketing Executive

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MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING explains the rule-based ideas of market profile, price action, and various money management topics, especially for intraday trading. How to make Money with breakout trading is a part of price action lesson that discusses how to Make Money with trading the candlestick charts and trading the price action trends.

Does ALGO TRADING Works? | What is ALGO TRADING in India?

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

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With this video, I am presenting a QnA Series where I will be answering the questions that I receive on trading and try to illustrate in an interactive manner. In this video, I have explained about ALGO Trading.

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Nataraj Malavade

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